Monday, August 17, 2009

My baby lost her tooth

Well, I guess its official. Karessa is growing up! I can't believe that my baby girl has lost her first tooth ever. She was so proud, and she did it all her self. I didn't mess with it. I did provide apples and corn on the cob for meals, so to loosen it.. :) So now, she is wiggling all the others in hopes that the tooth fairy will visit her once more!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Awesome web page!!

Thanks to Auntie Jessica,(my lifelong bf & cousin), courtesy all the way from England, We have a professionally designed web page for Makinna! We are going to keep blogging for the up to date information, but this page is incredible. Jessica is an artistic wonder. She put her whole weekend and some of her week into making this incredible gift for Makinna. Our family is so grateful, and I just wish so badly that I could jump on a plane and give her a huge hug. Please check it out, on the web at,

You will see just how much effort and love went into the page. We love you Jess, you are truly one of a kind!!

The results are.........LOST! Yes, I said lost. The office either lost them (of course, they say that's not the case) or the post office lost it. Long story short, we had to express mail it so that her results could be to us before the Dr. is out of the office again. I am positive that they are good results, it would just be nice to hear that from someone with actual medical skill, rather than an overly optimistic mommy!

Surgery #2 has an official date now, it is February 2nd, 2010. That will be the outside, and brace your selves, the surgeon called me personally! I know, I almost asked her to give me her medical license number so that I could confirm that an incredibly well known, and busy surgeon called me without me asking, to discuss a surgery that is months away, and if that wasn't enough, she emailed me complete instructions on pre/post opt, and success pictures, and theres more!, she gave me her personal cell phone number and said if it was better for me, we could talk on the weekend!!! I know, and shes from California. I almost died. The great news, she confirmed for me that there isn't another person I would let do her surgery. She was humble and kind and understanding. She told me that we have to choose which skin graft site we would use, between the head and the inside of her arm. There will be a long scar on the inside of her arm, and it will never go away. The down side to the scalp is that there may not be enough good skin, in which case, they take it from the arm anyway. The arm has far less return rate then the split graft in the scalp. The scalp, when perfect, is beautiful she said, but it has a 25% revision rate because of the thinness of the skin. So we have to really pray. She cant choose, and I don't want her to be upset that she has a large scar, yet, i want the best for her ear. I guess life is a trade off sometimes. Thankfully we have until Feb 1st to decide. She said we would make the final choice in office together. Down side to this surgery, its minimum of 8 hours long!! Someone please sedate me too!! I could use a good sleep. Well, anyway, thanks for the support in reading, and praying. I have beach pictures to come. Makinna loved the beach, the water was her favorite. She wanted to stand in the shallow water and just be lifted up when the waves came to smack her, which was about every 3.5 seconds. I think we got an arm workout for sure!

I will post results next week!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Been a little busy!

Sorry, we have been beyond busy lately. Makinna has been fighting her asthma really bad which means that we have been holding her and sleeping with her pretty much 24/7. It has been hard on everyone. Karessa was sick first, then me, then we went on a trip with the youth group at church to tenn. When we got back Trey got sick, and then Makinna hit with asthma from the underworld.. I have not taken many pics either. I know that I need to soon. I will look for a few to give you in the mean time. Other then the list above, everyone is doing well. Dakota had his birthday right in the middle of all of those events above as well. He had a sleepover to celebrate and we had cake two different times with friends and family. I put pics below. Hope everyone is well. We miss you all and I will post
Trey and Steph in the mountains of Tenneesee.
Mommy and Daddy playing dress up! Our favorite
Dakota on his Bday at church with all his friends
Dakota at home for his sleepover with friends and family!
This was too cute. They fell asleep bare chested together one night. I hated to wake them. The girls sure love that boy! I guess i can see why.. :0 he is pretty cute and sweet! happy birthday to Dakota!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Part 2, a little backwards and mixed up..oh well!

Okay, so I am finally back to the last Christmas post, just in time for Valentines day! All of the pics are out of order which drives me nuts, but i am too tired to fix it all.

The girls get Christmas dresses from Nana and grandpa every year. These were their dresses this year. They were so beautiful in them!

Dakota opened his gifts after Christmas when he got back. He is fresh off the plane in this one. He liked all of his stuff :)

This was round two of Christmas morning. Post grandparent arrival...

"Yikes, I'm so excited, another picture!"

Karessa and Ragdaddy

This was my feast table. I hand made all of the deserts, and a lot of the food. The turkey was in the other room. It was so nice. I really enjoyed having it at our home. It was a lot of work though..
"Yay, another singing, dancing extremely loud toy that I can play at 11pm at night when i am desperate to stay awake! Just what i wanted.."

Ryan ( my brother) Krystale (obviously his wife) and Kyleigh..(I'll let you guess that one..)

Lastly, my daddy and me! It is always his favorite to have Christmas lunch together as a family. I think he really enjoyed it. We missed Delana and Corey and girls, but they had dinner as a family this year. My mom was traveling, so we were missing some, but all in all, it was a very blessed day. We ended up with, Trey, myself, Ragdaddy, Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Stacy, Arrissa, Uncle Larry, Kyleigh, Kailyn, Makinna, Karessa, Uncle Ryan, and aunt Krystale.
More Christmas posts to come in around December 2009!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas at Last! Part One...

Ok, for the most part the pics will be wildly out of order. I didn't mean to load them like that. However, this is part one of Christmas. Sorry it took so long to get it this far. We had a wonderful Christmas this year and though we missed Dakota being here, we know he had a great time in Ohio. Trey and I were up quite late, and we were so tired but we pulled it together and finally finished in time for Santa to arrive. The kids got all kids of good stuff and really loved Christmas. Makinna was a present maniac. She tore into them from the moment we asked her if she wanted to open presents. She said "yyyyeaahhhsh" and hit the floor running. She grabbed the first one she could (which happened to be mine) and tore into it. She was an absolute joy to watch. Karessa was so excited about understanding that Santa had come to bring her stuff. She didn't like how we paced her so that she wouldn't fly through them. I rushed as a child, so I make them slow down and take turns watching each other open one each. We all get to see what each got, and take our time getting ours done. It really works good.

Our tree all lit up on Christmas Eve.

Karessa with her new princess bible.

Makinna tearing into her rocking horse! She loved it so much.

"I think I will kick back and read a while. Don't mind me"

The one thing that she asked Santa for. She was so relieved to see it.

Trey with his hot guy ties.

obviously excited about whatever it was..

"Now what is the meaning of this?"

" How do I look up here? Pretty good i think!"

Mommy and her amazing girls!

"Yikes, not another Christmas kiss!"

" Listen, I don't care if this is mine or not, you asked me if I wanted to open presents, that's what I'm doing!"

Another shot of the tree. The kids wanted to leave the Santa on to scare the real Santa! they snickered every time they thought of the fake Santa jumping to life in a song and dance number right as the real Santa passed by!

More to come. Love you all, and hope yours was a great as ours! Thank you to grandma and grandpa PA for the gifts, we all loved them.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!! 2008

Thanks to my friend Hannah, I now have my Christmas card online. I didn't make enough this year and I felt really bad because I didn't send them to everyone we love, like I would want to. Thanks Hannah, now you all can see how we have all changed so much over the last year. We didn't have anyone that could take it all together this time, so we took turns with the kids, and then Dakota ( who is getting increasingly better with the camera) took one of Trey and I. The kids were so great in theirs. They smiled and were good right off. We only took about 6 poses and 3 could have been on the card. We are so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family. We all are in good health and have all the things that we really need. I have heard a line in a song the other day that i really liked. I of course have dreams and desires, so i liked this line..
It was:
Have what you want, but want what you have, and in the end there's no looking back..
That is so fitting. I know we can all dream and want, but as long as what we have is what we want, we will be fine. I want my family. I know I am so seriously blessed. Everything else I get in life is just extra gifts from God. Thanks to all who are in our lives and read my thoughts and family life. More Christmas posts to come. The kids were really fun to watch this year!
Merry Christmas, we love you all!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Sorry, I have been busy, and unable to load photos, I am in a stand off with my computer! I promise to load photos soon. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy time with family and loved ones. Ours was great, but so tired now that it is hard to type correctly. I will fill you all in soon!